These older NCGS Field Trip Guidebooks are available for free download. NCGS Guidebooks generally older than five years are provided for free download for the personal use and research of NCGS members and the public. NCGS Guidebooks less than five years old are generally available for sale at NCGS Meetings and by mail order.

Our publications made available here are solely for the noncommercial, scientific or educational use of NCGS members, scientists, teachers, and interested members of the public. None of these publications, in whole or in part, may be sold, used for any commercial purposes, or republished (including by posting to any personal or commercial website) without the express written permission of the Northern California Geological Society.

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Guidebook TitleGeographic AreaYearAuthorPDF Available
Walk along the Old Bay Margins in Downtown San FranciscoSan Francisco2017Ray Sullivan, Greg BartowDownload
Monterey-Santa Margarita(.) Petroleum System of the Santa Cruz County CoastSan Mateo Coast2015Allegra Hosford Scheirer,
Les Magoon
Calaveras Dam Replacement ProjectEast Bay2014C. Philip RespessDownload
Geology of the Golden Gate HeadlandsMarin County2013Dr. William ElderDownload
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project: Tunneling through a Miocene Plate BoundaryEast Bay2012Chris Risden, Ivy MorrisonDownload
Tertiary Sequences on the Flanks of Mt. Diablo: Subduction to Transform [revised 2017]Mount Diablo2012Dr. Raymond SullivanDownload
Stroll to Subduction: Geology of Sunol Regional Wilderness, CaliforniaEast Bay2012Dr. John WakabayashiDownload
Geology of the Lake Tahoe Region, Nevada and CaliforniaSierra Nevada2011Richard Schweickert, Mary Lahren, Jim Howle, Winnie KortemeierDownload
Geology and Tectonics of the Smartville Complex, NW Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaSierra Foothills2010Dr. Eldridge MooresDownload
Mammoth Rocks and the Geology of the Sonoma CoastSonoma Coast2010E. Breck Parkman, Rolfe EricksonDownload
Gold Country Field TripSierra Foothills2009Ross SmithDownload
The Geology of Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County, CaANorth Bay2009James R. Allen, Peter Holland, Ron RubinDownload
Earthquakes at UCB? The Hayward Fault, Campus Retrofit, and the Seismological LaboratoryEast Bay2008Peggy Hellweg, Doris Sloan, Christine ShaffDownload
The Calaveras Fault in Santa Clara County, CaliforniaSouth Bay2008Phil Stoffer, Richard SedlockDownload
Wilson Grove and Petaluma Formations, Sonoma County, CANorth Bay2008James R. Allen, Peter Holland, James WilenDownload
Geophysical Investigation of the Green Valley FaultNorth Bay2007James Lienkaemper, Mitchell CraigDownload
Sierra Nevada Frontal Fault ZoneSierra Nevada2007Dylan H. RoodDownload
Digital Geological Mapping Methods (Sibley Preserve)East Bay2006George BrimhallGoogle Docs Download
Tracing Hayward Fault: A Potential Disaster AreaEast Bay2006Dr. Joyce Blueford, Dr. Mitchell CraigDownload
Retracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire Along the Old Bay Margins in Downtown San FranciscoSan Francisco2006Raymond SullivanDownload
Coastal Cliffs—Landslides and Urban DevelopmentsSan Francisco
San Mateo Coasts
2005Monty Hampton, Bob McLaughlin, Orville Magoon et al.Download
Panoche Hills Paleocene Cold SeepsSan Joaquin Valley2005Hilde Schwartz, J. Casey Moore, James SampleDownload
Blueschists and Breweries: Brewschists IINorth Bay2005John WakabayashiDownload
Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in the Berkeley HillsEast Bay2005Stephen C. Edwards, Mel C. ErskineDownload
Geology of the Fremont AreaEast Bay2005Dr. Joyce Blueford, Dr. Paul Belasky
Geology of the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, CAMarin County2004David A. BeroDownload
Geology and Ground-water Resources of the Merced Formation in the Westside Basin of Coastal San Mateo and San Francisco CountiesSan Francisco Peninsula2004H. Edward Clifton, R. E. Hunter, Greg Bartow
Geology of the South Flank of Mount DiabloMount Diablo2004Ron CraneDownload
Mesozoic and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Burdell Mountain Area and Implications for Slip along the East Bay Fault System, Marin County CaliforniaMarin County2003Eric W. FordDownload
Geology of the Point Reyes Area, CaliforniaPoint Reyes2003Tom MacKinnon, John R. (Rusty) GilbertDownload
The Clear Lake Volcanic Field, Lake County, CaliforniaClear Lake2003Rolfe EricksonDownload
Geology of the Right Stepover Region between the Rodgers Creek, Healdsburg and Maacama Faults, Northern S.F. Bay RegionNorth Bay2003Bob McLaughlin, Dave Wagner, Andrei Sarna-WojcickiDownload
Mount Diablo–Diablo Range Intersection: The Altamont HillsEast Bay2003Ron CraneDownload
Franciscan Metasedimentary Section at Panoche PassSan Joaquin Valley2003Dr. Gary ErnstDownload
Geology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Black Diamond MinesEast Bay2002Morgan Sullivan, Ray Sullivan, John Waters, Rick YarboroughGoogle Docs Download
Geology of Central California: Mount Diablo RegionMount Diablo2002Ron Crane, Craig LyonDownload
Altamont HillsEast Bay2000Ron CraneDownload
Use of Tephrochronology in Correlation and Dating of Some Late Neogene Sedimentary Sections, East S. F. Bay Area, & Sediment Provenance in the Shell Ridge and Los Medanos Hills Areas, West of Mount DiabloEast Bay1999Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, James P. WalkerDownload
Analysis of Neogene to Recent Tectonics of the Central Diablo RangeCentral Coast1999M. C. ErskineDownload
Whitewater Rafting Down the American RiverSierra Foothills1999Russ GraymerDownload
Geology of the Northern Diablo Range (Sunol Wilderness)East Bay1999Ron CraneDownload
Overview of the 1998 Mission Peak Landslide, Fremont, CaliforniaEast Bay1999J. David Rogers, Patrick L. DrummDownload
Geology of the Brushy Peak AreaLivermore Valley1999Ron CraneDownload
Late Quaternary Climate and Tectonics in the San Andreas Fault Valley near Point Reyes, CaliforniaPoint Reyes1998Dr. Karen GroveDownload
The Franciscan Complex, San Francisco Bay Area: A Record of Subduction Complex ProcessesSan Francisco Bay Area1998Dr. John WakabayashiDownload
Northern Sierra Nevada RegionSierra Nevada1997Dr. Davey Jones, David LawlerDownload
Hollister/Cienaga/Pinnacles Monument: Classic Localities Demonstrating Both Small and Large Displacements on the San Andreas Fault SystemHollister/Cienega/Pinnacles1997Vincent MatthewsDownload
Northern Sierra Nevada RegionSierra Nevada1997David Lawler, Gregg WilkersonDownload
New Idria Field TripSouthern Diablo Range1996Robert G. Coleman, Stephan A. GrahamDownload
Neogene Paleogeographies in the Greater San Francisco Bay AreaEast Bay1996Anna V. BuisingDownload
Tectonic Belts of the Sierra Nevada, Northern CaliforniaSierra Foothills1995Timothy Fagan, Jason Mayfield, Howard W. DayDownload
Black Hawk Ranch Fossil Mammal Quarry, Contra Costa County, CaliforniaMount Diablo1994David LawlerDownload
Field Guide to the Geology of Black Diamond Mines Regional PreserveEast Bay1994Raymond Sullivan, John Waters, Morgan D. SullivanDownload
Geology and Tectonics of the Southwestern Sacramento Valley and Adjacent Coast RangesSacramento Valley 1993E. M. Moores, editorDownload
Environmental Geology of the Livermore Valley and Nearby EnvironsLivermore Valley1993R. J. Baldwin, R. C. Crane, B.J. Qualheim, R. W. N. Tinline, V. M. Madrid, S. J. Weber et al.Download
Late Cenozoic Geology in the North Bay RegionNorth Bay1992T. L. Wright, editorDownload
The October 17, 1989 Earthquake: Geology & ImpactsLoma Prieta Earthquake1990Bob Kieckhefer, Francoise Bertaux, Ron Hamburger, Mike RojanskyDownload
NCGS trip no. 1. San Andreas Fault and Franciscan Complex in Marin County, CaliforniaMarin County1990AAPG and NCGS**Available from GeoRef
Geologic Guidebook to the Point Reyes AreaPoint Reyes1989Bruce J. Bilodeau, editorGoogle Docs Download
Geology of the San Ramon Valley and EnvironsMount Diablo1988Ron Crane, editorDownload
Geologic Transect of the Northern San Francisco Bay AreaMarin, Sonoma, Lake Berryessa1983Paul F. Bertucci, John R. KleistDownload
Guide to the Monterey Formation in the California coastal area, Ventura to San Luis ObispoCentral Coast1981AAPG and NCGSGeoRef
Western Margin Sacramento Valley - Clear Lake AreaSacramento Valley and Clear Lake Area1975Ernest I. Rich, Raymond V. IngersollDownload
Trip 5. North Flank of Mount DiabloMount Diablo1962AAPG and (pp. 407-412)
Trip 4. San Francisco PeninsulaSan Francisco Peninsula1962AAPG and (pp. 391-406)
Trip 3. Point Reyes Peninsula and San Andreas FaultPoint Reyes1962AAPG and (pp. 391-398)
Trip 2. San Francisco to MontereySanta Cruz Mountains1962AAPG and (pp. 381-390)
Trip 1. Sacramento ValleySacramento Valley1962AAPG and (pp. 369-380)
Capay Valley–Wilbur Springs, Westside Sacramento ValleySacramento Valley1954NCGSDownload