Who We Are

The NCGS is a nonprofit organization founded in 1944 to promote the scientific and educational aspects of geology, to foster fellowship and cooperation among earth scientists, to increase the public’s understanding of earth science applications in our daily lives, to recognize the responsibilities of geoscientists to society, and to promote honesty, integrity, and professional ethics in the geoscience community.

We generally meet on the last Wednesday of the month, but do not meet in December, July and August. More details can be found here. Our newsletter is published each month that a meeting occurs. The Society has a long-standing affiliation with the Pacific Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Meet the NCGS Officials

To contact NCGS, email: j.obrient at comcast.net

James D. O'Brient (Jim)


PHil reed

President Elect

Noelle Schoellkopf

Past President

John Karachewski

Program Director

Donald A. Medwedeff (don)



Recording Secretary

Will Schweller

Field Trip Coordinator

Mark Sorensen

Newsletter Editor

Phil Garbutt

Scholarship Chair

Paul Henshaw

K-12 Program Chair

Tom Barry

Membership Chair

Andrew Alden

Website Manager/Social Media

Bill Motzer


Wayne Narr


Greg Bartow


Open Position

Outreach Chair

Don Lewis