TripDateLeaderLeader AffiliationTrip Details/Photos
Northern Mt. Diablo Area
1950-05-13Al Solari
Standard Oil
Capay Valley, Wilbur Springs, Westside Sacramento Valley1954-05-07Gordon OakeshottCombined NCGS-AAPG trip
Sacramento Valley1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Santa Cruz Mountains1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Point Reyes Peninsula and San Andreas Fault1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Geologic guide to the Merced Canyon and Yosemite Valley, California1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
San Francisco Peninsula1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
North Flank of Mount Diablo1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
East Side Salinas Valley1966
Geysers Geothermal Power Project, Sonoma County1968-09-28J.B. Koenig
Mount Diablo - Camp Parks
Mount Diablo and Livermore Valley
1969-05-17E. H. Pampeyan
H.E. Wollenberg
Lawrence Radiation Lab
San Andreas Fault and Point Reyes Peninsula
1970-05-16Alan Galloway
Robert Brown
Hayward, Calaveras, and San Andreas Faults, Hayward to Hollister1971-05-08Bob Nason
T.H. Rogers
Earthquake Mechanism Lab
Environmental Geology of Northeastern Flank of the Santa Cruz Mountains1972-05-20Tom RogersCA Div Mines & Geology
Mother Lode Country1973-04-28Oliver Bowen
Geysers, Sonoma County1973-09-29John Kilkenny
San Francisco Bay Model, Sausalito1974-01-19Laurie CrebassaArmy Corps of Engineers
Ophiolites in the Mesozoic Subduction Zone of Central California (Del Puerto Canyon)1974-04-20Bob ColemanUSGS
Raised Pleistocene Terraces and Upper Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks of Santa Cruz1974-10-12R.E. Garrison
L.F. Laporte
G. Weber
UC Santa Cruz
Western Margin Sacramento Valley – Clear Lake Area1975-05-10Ernest Rich
Ray Ingersoll
A look at the Franciscan rocks of the Napa Valley
Geology and Engineering in the Livermore-Hayward Region1979-05-05Leo MoirCalifornia PUC
Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Turbidites, Central California Coast1981-05-29Virgil Frizzell
Marin County1981Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
San Francisco to Reno1981Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Monticello Dam to Marin Headlands1983-09-24Paul Bertucci
John Kleist
Turbidites Along the Coast South of San Francisco1985-05-04Tor NilsenRPI Pacific
Submarine Canyons – Meganos Canyon and Sand, North Flank, Mt. Diablo1986-05-17Vic Cherven
Pete Fischer
CSU Northridge
Shallow Marine and Coastal Depositional Facies, Mussel Rock, Pacifica to Fort Funston, San Francisco1987-05-16Ed CliftonUSGS
Bay Model1987-06-20US Army Corps Engineers
Geology of San Ramon Valley and Environs 1988-04-30Ron CraneChevron
Geology of Point Reyes 1989-05-20Bruce BilodeauChevron
The October 17, 1989 Earthquake: Geology and Impacts (AAPG field trip) 1990-06-02Bob Kieckhefer
Francoise Bertaux
Ron Hamburger
Mike Rojansky
Canonie Environmental Services
San Andreas Fault and Franciscan Complex in Marin County (AAPG field trip)1990-06-02Bruce Bilodeau
Stephanie Davis
Geology and Engineering Geology of Western Solano County (Joint with AEG)1991-10-12Sandy Figuers
Late Cenozoic Geology of the North Bay Region1992-05-16Tom Wright
Dave Schwartz
Tertiary and Quaternary Tectonics of the Boundary Between the Central Diablo Range and the San Joaquin Valley1992-11-14Mel ErskineConsultant
Environmental Geology of the Livermore Valley and Environs1993-05-15Ron Crane
Stephanie Davis

Geology and Tectonics of the Southwestern Sacramento Valley and Adjacent Coast Ranges1993-10-02Eldridge MooreUC Davis
Remediation of Soil and Groundwater1994-03-19Benjamin Roberts
Ronald Michelson
Onsite Technologies
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Region1994-04-23
Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Geology of the Black Diamond Mines1994-10-15Ray Sullivan
John Waters
San Francisco State University
East Bay Regional Parks
Blackhawk Ranch Fossil Mammal Quarry1994-11-12David LawlerFar West Geoscience Foundation
Black Diamond (Pacific Section AAPG)1995-05-06Ray SullivanSan Francisco State University
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Region1995-05-06
Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Tectonic Belts of the Sierra Nevada1995-06-10Howard DayUC Davis
A Geologic Guide to the Wines of Napa Valley1995-10-21David HowellUSGS
Neogene Paleogeographies in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area
1996-05-04Anna Buising
New Idria-Coalinga Area1996-06-15Robert Coleman
Steve Graham
When Did Pt. Reyes Move North from Monterey?1996-10-19Earl Brabb
Joe Clark
Keller Canyon Landfill and the Concord Naval Weapons Station1996-11-16Tim Bray
Ray Sullivan
Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research Institute, and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories1997-03-15Gary Greene
Debra Stakes
CSU-Moss Landing Marine Lab
Gold Deposits of the Sierra Nevada1997-06-14David Lawler
Greg Wilkerson
Far West Geoscience Foundation
BLM Bakersfield
Hollister-Cienaga-Pinnacles National Monument1997-09-27Vince MatthewsArizona State University
Geology of the Western Sierra Nevada: Sacramento to Crystal Basin1997-10-11David Jones
David Lawler
USGS (Retired)
Far West Geoscience Foundation
Geology of the Sutter Buttes1998-04-18Brian HausbackCSU Sacramento
Family Picnic and Geology on Mt. Diablo1998-06-20Craig LyonConsultant
The Franciscan Complex, San Francisco Bay Area: A record of Subduction Complex Processes
1998-07-18John WakabayashiConsultant
Late Quaternary Climate and Tectonics in the San Andreas Fault Valley near Pt. Reyes 1998-10-17Karen GroveSan Francisco State University
Brushy Peak, Livermore and Altamont Hills1999-03-06Ron Crane
Pat Sotello
Livermore Park Department
Mission Peak Landslide, Fremont1999-05-08David RogersGeolith Consultants
Pleasanton Ridge and Family Picnic1999-06-05Patrick HubbardTreadwell & Rollo
Ohlone Wilderness1999-06-26Ron CraneConsultant
American River Rafting1999-08-07Russ GraymerUSGS
Del Puerto Canyon1999-08-21Ron CraneConsultant
Vallecitos Syncline and Coalinga Fossil Hunt1999-10-02Mel Erskine
Bill Howell
3-D Environmental
Volcanics of the San Francisco Bay Region1999-10-16Andrei Sarna- WojcickiUSGS
Patterson Pass / Corral Hollow2000-04-29Ron CraneConsultant
Constraints on the Distribution of Slip and the Evolution of the Northern San Andreas Fault System2000-06-24John Wakabayashi
Scott Dickerman
Chalk Bluff Preserve2000-10-28David Lawler
Rudy Kopf
Farwest Geoscience Foundation
Caldecott Tunnel2001-03-03Grant WilcoxCalTrans
The Golden B.E.A.R. Tour 2001
(Blueschists, Eclogites, Amphibolites, Refreshments)
2001-05-19John WakabayashiConsultant
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Moss Landing Marine Laboratory Visit2002-01-26Gary GreeneMoss Landing Marine Laboratory
Geology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Black Diamond Mine2002-04-06Ray Sullivan
Morgan Sullivan
SFSU (Retired)
Exxon Mobil
Structure and Geology of Mount Diablo2002-05-18Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Geology of the Eastern Belt of the Northern Sierra Nevada
and 16:1 Gold Mine Tour
2002-06-29Elwood Brooks
Ray Wittcopp
CSU Hayward, Emeritus
16:1 Mine
Regional Hayward Fault Field Trip and Tyson’s Lagoon/Tule Pond Trench Site2002-10-13Russell Graymer
Jim Lienkaemper
San Francisco Bay-Delta Tidal Hydraulic Model2003-01-11Robert StevensonUS Army Corps of EngineersPhotos
Northbrae Rhyolite / Silica-rich Rocks in the Berkeley Hills2003-02-22Lin MurphyPhotos
Franciscan Metasedimentary Section at Pacheco Pass2003-04-12Gary ErnstStanfordPhotos
Diablo Antiform – Diablo Range Intersection2003-05-10Ron CraneConsultantPhotos
Geology of the Right Stepover Region Between the Rodgers Creek, Healdsburg, and Maacama Faults2003-06-07Bob McLaughlin
Dave Wagner
Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki
Calif Geological Survey
Geology of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, California2003-08-02Rolfe EricksonCSU SonomaPhotos
Geology of the Point Reyes Area2003-09-27Tom MacKinnon
John (Rusty) Gilbert
Mesozoic and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Burdell Mountain Area and Implications for Slip along the East Bay Fault System2003-11-22Rick FordSan Francisco State UniversityPhotos
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Structural Domain2004-05-01Ron CraneConsultantPhotos
Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Merced Formation in the Westside Basin of Coastal San Mateo and San Francisco Counties2004-07-10Ed Clifton
Ralph Hunter
Greg Bartow
USGS (Retired)
S.F. Public Utility Commission
Geology of the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, California2004-09-11David BeroConsultantPhotos
The Winemaker’s Dance: Exploring Terroir in the Napa Valley, California2004-10-30David HowellUSGSPhotos
Colorful Geology of the Fremont Area2005-03-12Joyce Blueford
Paul Belasky
Math/Science Nucleus
Ohlone College
Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in Berkeley Hills2005-05-21Stephen EdwardsTilden Botanic GardenPhotos
Blueschists and Breweries (Brewschists II)2005-06-25John WakabayashiConsultantPhotos
Panoche Hills Paleocene Cold Seeps2005-10-29Mel ErskineConsultantPhotos
Coastal Cliffs - Landslides and Urban Development2005-11-12Monty Hampton
Orville Magoon
Ray Sullivan et ux
USGS Emeritus
Corps of Engineers (retired)
SFSU Emeritus
A Walk Along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco
Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
2006-03-19Ray SullivanSFSU EmeritusPhotos
Tracing the Hayward Fault - A Potential Disaster Area2006-04-15Joyce Blueford
Mitchell Craig
Math Science Nucleus
CSU East Bay
Pt. Lobos to Pt. Reyes: Evidence of ~ 180 Km Offset of the San
Gregorio and Northern San Andreas Fault
2006-05-20Kathleen BurnhamConsultantPhotos
Field Geological Mapping Using Modern Technology2006-09-16George BrimhallUC BerkeleyPhotos
Field Trip to the World’s Smallest Mountain Range: The Sutter Buttes2007-04-21Brian HausbackCSU Sacramento
Devils Slide2007-05-12Grant WilcoxCalTransPhotos
Crustal Deformation of the Eastern Sierra Frontal Fault2007-07-07Dylan RoodLLNL & UCSB
Geophysical Investigation of the Green Valley Fault2007-08-25James Lienkaemper
Mitchell Craig
CSU East Bay
Wilson Grove & Petaluma Formations, Sonoma County, California2008-02-23James Allen
Peter Holland
CSU East Bay
Vector Engineering
Coso Geothermal System2008-03-28Andrew SabinNavy Geothermal Program, China LakePhotos
Pt. Lobos to Pt. Reyes: Evidence of ~ 180 Km Offset of the San
Gregorio and Northern San Andreas Fault
2008-05-10Kathleen BurnhamIndependent Researcher
The Calaveras Fault in Santa Clara County, California2008-08-23Phil Stoffer Richard SedlockUSGS
Key Sites of Uplift and Glacial Constraints, Central Sierra Nevada2008-09-20Jeffrey SchafferNapa City College
Earthquake at UCB? - The Hayward Fault, Campus Retrofit, and the Seismological Laboratory2008-11-15Peggy Hellweg
Doris Sloan
Christine Shaff
Craig Comertin
UC Berkeley
The Geology of Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County, California2009-05-02James Allen
Luther Strayer
Peter Holland
Ron Rubin
CSU East Bay
Vector Engineering
AMEC Geomatrix
Gold Country Field Trip2009-06-13Ross SmithConsultant
A Tour of New Bay Bridge Construction. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Safety Project2009-10-23Heather Rowe
Jordana Jackson
Mammoth Rocks and the Geology of the Sonoma Coast2010-04-25E. Breck Parkman
Rolfe Erickson
California State Parks
Emeritus, Sonoma S.U.
Geology and Tectonics of the Smartville Complex, NW Sierra Nevada, California2010-09-18Eldridge MooresEmeritus, UC Davis
A Walk Along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco - Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire 2010-10-16Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSU
The Geology of the Abandoned Mt Diablo Mine2010-11-13Joe Lovenitti
Paul Horton
Alta Rock Energy
The Source Group, Inc.
Geology of the Lake Tahoe Region, Nevada and California2011-06-25Richard Schweickert
Jim Howle
Winnie Kortemeier
Emeritus, U Nevada Reno
Carson City JC
A Walk Along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco - Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire 2011-10-15Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSU
Ocean Floor to the Shelf; The Lower Tertiary Sequences on the Flanks of Mt. Diablo2012-06-02Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSU
Stroll to Subduction: Geology of Sunol Regional Wilderness, California2012-07-14John WakabayashiCSU Fresno
Geological Field Trip on Mount Diablo2012-10-20Phil Reed et uxNCGS
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project: Tunneling Through a Miocene Plate Boundary2012-11-02Chris RisdenCalTran
Geology of the Golden Gate Headlands2013-06-22Will ElderNational Park Service
Ancient Submarine Landslides in a Submarine Canyon Fill – The Carmelo Formation at Point Lobos2014-05-03Edward CliftonUSGS Emeritus
Calaveras Dam Replacement Project2014-10-24Greg BartowSFPUC
The Hayward Fault – Identifying Urban and Natural Features in the East Bay2014-10-25Joyce Blueford
Ray Sullivan
Math Science Nucleus
SFSU Emeritus
Visit to UC Museum of Paleontology2015-04-18
Monterey-Santa Margarita Petroleum System of the Santa Cruz Coast, California2015-04-25Allegra Hosford-
Les Magoon
The Geysers – Geothermal Energy2015-07-25Joe Beall
Craig Hartline
Calpine Corporation
Anatomy and Provenance of a Deep-water Boulder Conglomeratic Submarine Canyon in the Upper Cretaceous Panoche Formation (Cenomanian), Great Valley Group, San Luis Reservoir, Central California2015-10-24Todd GreeneCSU Chico
A Walk Along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco – Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire2017-02-26Ray Sullivan
Greg Bartow
SFSU Emeritus
CA State parks