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The Northern California Geological Society was founded in 1944 by a group of oil geologists, mudmen, and well logging representatives.  Over the years it has evolved into a diversified mix of environmental, petroleum, and mineral geologists, with strong representation from the academic community and government organizations.  We currently have over 200 members, and hold monthly meetings featuring speakers from the petroleum industry, environmental and hydrogeological firms, local universities, and government agencies.  Meeting topics cover issues in petroleum geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, seismology and earthquake studies, remote sensing, paleontology, and Bay Area/Northern California geology.  We host family oriented activities and sponsor several one or two-day weekend field trips each year, led by qualified experts in Bay Area and Northern California geology.

In addition to technical activities, the NCGS is involved with public school earth science educational programs (K-12), including an annual Earth Science Teacher of the Year award, and annually awards a scholarship grant to one or more Northern California college students.  Job seekers will note that the organization will advertise selected job opportunities in its monthly newsletter.

The Society’s objectives are to promote the scientific and educational aspects of geology, to foster fellowship and cooperation among earth scientists, to increase the public’s understanding of earth science applications in our daily lives, to recognize the responsibilities of geoscientists to society, and to promote honesty, integrity, and professional ethics in the geoscience community.

The NCGS is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Pacific Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).  Our annual dues are $20.00 (electronic newsletter delivery); $30.00 (snail mail delivery), and Student dues are $5.00 (electronic newsletter delivery).  To join the NCGS, please fill out the appended membership form and mail it, with a check payable to the NCGS, to the address listed on that form.

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